The smallest, coolest of them all.

So here’s the thing: As I’ve mentioned before, I am the Manhattan Nest super-PAC. As such, I would be remiss in my obligations if I did not inform you that a certain someone I like to call Daniel (because that’s his name) has made it to the final round in Apartment Therapy’s 8th Annual Small Cool Home Contest!! Apartment Therapy runs this contest every year, and the goal is to highlight the best in small-scale living. Daniel’s apartment clocks in at 614 square feet of awesome, and it’s by far the coolest apartment in the running. For real. And I’m not just saying that.

Need a refresher of how much work Daniel has put into his little rental apartment this part year? Here you go. YEAH. So let’s go help this kid win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Go here to vote for ‘Daniel’s Amazing Bones’ to win Small Cool 2012!

Remember, even if you marked Daniel as a favorite in the semi-finals, you still need to cast a vote for the WINNER in the finals. If you don’t already have an account, make one. It’s easy. Goodnight, and thank you.

All photos by Maxwell Tielman.

  1. LindsayMay 1, 20125:54 pm

    He has my vote!


  2. nicMay 1, 20126:08 pm

    done. and done. :)

    just out of curiosity will you be doing another “go ask anna” series anytime soon? :)


    Anna @ D16 /

    Hmmm…good question, I guess it’s been a while! I’ll think about it. :D

  3. GeninneMay 1, 20126:19 pm

    Looks like he’s getting the 5 grand! :-) He got my vote too! I won 3rd place on their AT Fall Color six years ago. I got to spend a thousand dollar gift card from CB2 and never had so much fun shopping online in my life :-) Hope he wins!


  4. michandaroMay 1, 20127:53 pm

    you’re a good friend! but he needs no help; his place is gorgeous and i already voted for him earlier. and it looks like i’m not the only one who feels that way ;-)


  5. LizzieMay 1, 20128:44 pm

    Voted! That’s a gorgeous space.


  6. chrisMay 1, 20129:12 pm

    he got mine, too! go daniel!!!


  7. ShiloMay 1, 20129:35 pm


    Also, the Zerbey’s home is totally beautiful (and in my hometown!), but it’s INSANE that a 970sf residence qualifies as small.


    Anna @ D16 /

    I agree on all counts, but they’re within the rules of the contest. I’d love to see it broken down into separate categories for small apartments and small houses. (Though I think most Americans would consider 970sf “small” these days…)

    Ryan /

    I was looking at a house online and a co-worker commented that it was really small. That house was over 1500 sqft! I was shocked, but then I live in a 1200 sqft house. Of course this particular co-worker also lives in a newer housing development with a homeowners association. I think most american’s consider anything under 2000 sqft small.

  8. Fat CatMay 2, 20125:35 am

    Thanks for the reminder ! Just voted for Daniel :-)


  9. FLTMay 2, 201210:51 am

    By New York or SF standards, maybe 970 square feet isn’t big, but it’s small to most of the nation. I live in an apartment that is about 1100 square feet and it’s two bedroom and one bathroom. I think it would be hard to live here when my daughter is a teen and we need to share that one bathroom. And her bedroom is tiny (although ours is pretty big).

    Just saying that for a family of four, 970 square feet is do-able, but would have to be REALLY well thought-out to work.


    Anna @ D16 /

    Yes, as I said in an earlier comment, I agree that most Americans would consider 970sf “small,” and I am most definitely NOT trying to argue against the ´╗┐´╗┐Zerebys’ inclusion in the contest (they are friends of D16; I love their home and have enormous respect for their attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship). However, I do think that there is a distinction worth making between that type of home and many, many people I know (all over the world, not just in NYC) who have families of 4+ living in apartments quite a bit smaller than that.

    Apartment Therapy can create whatever rules they want for their contest, but I think it would be more fun and interesting (and relevant to their mission!) if it were limited to apartments and if the size limit were significantly lower.

    Chris /

    Our 1950’s house is 980 SF on one level and we are a family of 4 – mom, dad, 11 year old son and 14 year old daughter, PLUS a yellow lab. One bathroom, 3 bedrooms, tiny kitchen, no dishwasher. We DO have some space in the garage we’d like to claim for living space, but that will take time and money that is currently in small supply. It gets tight sometimes, but we still have dinner parties and holiday festivities. People just know it will be a tight squeeze. It helps that we have a yard, but in Seattle, that’s only really useable 3 months out of the year. At least it’s in the city!

    Shilo /

    970sf is *huge* by NYC standards. I live in a 650sf 3 bedroom!

    Then again, the Zerbey’s house is in Seattle, and is a very typical size for the inner city but very small compared to surrounding suburbs.

  10. TaniaMay 5, 20121:11 am

    Love his space. I try to do a similar mix in my 800 sq ft space of white, bright colors and wood accents but Daniel is much more skilled than I am!

    I find small space living and design so much more interesting than gigantic homes. Thanks for sharing!


  11. WandaMay 11, 20121:59 am

    Love this place – it’s quite simple but with a individual character, and he won, right?


  12. frankyMay 18, 201212:46 pm

    970 sf in NYC…lucky! and congrats that he won!! totally deserves it and its such a beautiful and cozy space….if you were living in toronto then i’d have the perfect person in mind to do small space designs!


  13. decoguyJun 27, 20129:50 pm

    the room in the picture looks really nice, I wanted to know where the white cage (mesh like) chair is from? im loving it!


    Anna @ D16 /

    That’s a Bertoia chair (made by Knoll).

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